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Wicca Spellbook Starter Kit: A Book of Candle, Crystal, and Herbal Spells

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Everything You Need to Know to Start Working Magic with Candles, Crystals and Herbs Are you looking for some inspiration to take your magical practice to the next level?

The Wicca Spell book Starter Kit from best-selling author Lisa Chamberlain offers three collections of spell work focused on the powerful energies of candles, colours, crystals, mineral stones, and magical herbs. Together, these books form a comprehensive grimoire of accessible, practical magic to help you further your own unique practice. Each Book of Shadows in this set expands on a form of magic covered in Lisa's three beginner guides, Candle Magic , Crystal Magic , and Herbal Magic . They can be used as companions to these guides, but they also stand on their own.

The 160 magical workings within are designed for beginners and more advanced practitioners alike. Book of Candle Spells Book of Candle Spells focuses on working with the Element of Fire, and the potent vibrational frequencies of the visible light spectrum. Candles take center stage to varying degrees across this collection. Some spells are focused exclusively on the combined magic of candle and color, while others incorporate additional tools such as crystals and other color-appropriate ingredients. The spells are also organized by color, with chapter introductions detailing the magical properties and uses for the 14 colors most widely used in Wiccan and other contemporary magic.

Book of Crystal Spells Book of Crystal Spells is devoted to the magical uses of the 13 crystals and other mineral stones introduced in Crystal Magic. Many of these spells are focused on aspects of emotional healing and energetic balancing, two purposes that crystals are uniquely suited for, but you'll also find more traditional goals represented, like prosperity, protection, and relationships. The spells are organized by stone, rather than by purpose, so you can develop a magical connection with different types of crystals, one at a time. You'll find an overview of the properties of each stone in the chapter introductions. Book of Herbal Spells Book of Herbal Spells builds on the information from Herbal Magic, with a chapter for each of the 13 herbs featured in the original book. Single herbs are often the main focus of these spells, with minimal additional ingredients, to help you focus your attention on the subtle energies of the herbs themselves. As you work more and more with herbal magic, you will develop a natural affinity with these marvellous plant beings that have been co-creating with magical people since the beginning of time.

Magical Workings for Any Experience Level The practice of magic is a lifelong path, with delightful and rewarding results that can transform our lives. References like The Wicca Spell book Starter Kit are invaluable tools for shaping your unique journey. Throughout these collections, you'll find: - 168 spells, rituals, magical charms, and recipes - Clear step-by-step instructions - Magic for prosperity, protection, romance, healing, success, and more - Workings focused on 14 colours, 13 crystals and mineral stones, and 13 magical herbs - Chapter introductions outlining the magical properties and uses of each color, crystal, and herb - Practical tips for preparing for magic