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Love & Heart Healing Gift Pack

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Love Yourself - Love & Heart Healing Gift Pack contains 1x Palo Santo stick, 1x Selenite Rod, 1x Rose Quartz Rough, 1x Rose Quartz Chip Bracelet and 1x White Sage Stick & hessian bag.

ROSE QUARTZ ~ Brings in Self Love, Heals emotional wounds, Radiates warm, soft and brings gentle loving energy.

PALO SANTO ~ Known as ‘Holy Wood’, Purifies, Cleanses & Heals the soul. Removes negative energy of all kinds and brings in positive energy & light.

WHITE SAGE ~ Cleanses your body, mind, and soul from all sorts of negative energies, and allows you to open up to the immensely positive powers of the universe.

SELENITE ~ Selenite can charge other crystals and strengthen their properties or can reset their crystal energy. It also cleanses the area in which you place it. When held in your hands, provide amazing energy and high vibrations.

As these stones/plants are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variances in shape, size, and color. Listing is for 1 Love & Heart Healing Gift Pack intuitively selected for you. Made from natural stone/wood/leaves, each piece is beautifully unique & holds its own magic so there will be slight variations. All crystals have been cleansed with sage.