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Bella Swift

The Pug who wanted to be a Witch

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A bewitching story starring Peggy the pug! A mischievous kitten has moved in next door and is causing mayhem . . . Can Peggy become a witch and magic her pesky new neighbour away?

Peggy and her best friend Chloe can't wait to meet their new neighbours! Peggy hopes that the new family will have a dog for her to play with, but instead the girl next door has a naughty kitten named Lucky. Unfortunately, Lucky only brings Peggy BAD luck, as the kitten keeps getting Peggy into trouble!

Peggy wants to become a witch so she can do a spell and make the kitten disappear. But when she discovers a secret about her new neighbours, Peggy realises that a different kind of magic is needed - the magic of friendship!