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Tarot Illuminati

Tarot Illuminati Mini

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The Illuminati Tarot essentially contains the light of enlightenment, realization and truth.

Each card is like a stained glass window highlighting a meaningful tale and transmitting ancient wisdom to us under the light of the sun. In the Tarot Illuminati, every detail is rich in meaning and every representation is a beautiful and sumptuous colorful illustration expressing action, knowledge and nature.

This tarot fills our senses with the essence of each card, so that the meanings or concepts associated with it are immediately tangible. The Illuminati Tarot has nothing to do with the order of the same name, neither in its Bavarian manifestation nor in the modern idea of ​​an underground organization that controls the world in one way or another. He only shares with the Illuminati an ideal of enlightenment, as the maps show because they are bathed in light.

Size: 6cm*10.3cm

Package include: 78pcs cards