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Natural Witch

Mugwort Smudge Stick Small

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Mugwort being used encourages dreams, visions, enhancing psychic skills. It calms the energy of a person, especially when ingested as tea & helps to awaken the Third Eye, aiding in deeper subconscious travel & spirit world communications. It enhances dreamwork, helping one to better recall dreams for journaling & deciphering messages. When burned as an incense at Samhain, it works as an offering to call upon the Ancestors, Creating a stronger bond between the thin veil of the physical world & the spirit world. Mugwort is an important herb to incorporate into practice when one is trying to awaken one psychic sense & evolve spiritually.

1. Light the smudge stick at the tip of the leaves, allow to burn for 5 - 10 seconds and gentle blow on the embers to create smoke. 2. Slowly move among rooms, gently waving the stick in the air. 3. After use, gently extinguish the smoke in sand or a small dish of water. 4. Store in a dry place for the future. WARNING: Do not leave the smudge stick unattended when in use. Keep away from children & flammable objects.

Length: 10cm Listing is for 1 Mugwort Smudge Stick intuitively selected for you. Made from nature, each piece is beautifully unique & holds its own magic so there will be slight variations.