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Theresa Reed

The Tarot Colouring Book

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Explore the World of Tarot with This Fun and Information-Packed Resource

Want to learn how to read Tarot cards? Not sure where to start? With The Tarot Colouring Book, you can colour your way through every card in the deck-and go from "Tarot rookie" to "Tarot rock star" in no time. Created especially for new practitioners and people who've been intimidated by Tarot, this guide was created to help you get going immediately with a Tarot practice that will grow and deepen for many years to come. As you relax and enjoy colouring illustrations from the classic Rider Waite deck, you'll experience Reed's accessible guidance as she shares:

Card-by-card insights on the symbolism, meaning, and hidden wisdom of all 78 Major and Minor Arcana.

Guidance for colouring-what the classic colours mean, and why it's sometimes even better to choose your own.

Easy, jargon-free explanations about the history and practice of Tarot
Beginner-friendly spreads to help you get to answers fast and aid in decision-making
Tarot-to-Go-a handy quick-reference guide for the essential meaning of each card.

"As you colour the images, you'll find yourself seeing symbols that you may not have noticed before," writes Theresa. "You'll see stories and patterns begin to emerge. You'll find your own meanings while learning the traditional ones." Now you can master the entire deck with a unique and enjoyable guidebook for exploring the hidden aspects of this classic divination system.