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Natural Witch

Spell Candles

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White - Protection, Peace, Truth, Sincerity, Purity, Sacredness, Inner Child Magick

Red - Fire Element; Love, Passion, Manifestation, Health, Courage, Sensuality, Life force, Purification, 1st Chakra

Black - Absorbing Negativity, Dispelling, Banishing, Healing Illness, Courage

Green - Earth Element; Money, Abundance, Fertility, Prosperity, Growth, Luck, Employment, Strength, 4th Chakra

Yellow - Air Element; The Intellect, The Mind, Study, Confidence, Divination, Enlightenment, Childhood Issues, Travel, Freedom, 3rd Chakra

Blue - Water Element; Healing, Peace, Relaxation, Dreams, Psychic Realm, Communication, Cleansing, 5th Charka

Orange - Energy, Luck, Motivation, Success, Creative Stimulation, 2nd Charka

Purple - Divine Energy, Higher Self, Healing, Spirituality, Psychic Realms, Meditation


Size: 10cm