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Jill Pyle

Sacred Rest & Reset Retreat Journal

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Whether you are taking a pause in your day or a weekend-long getaway, this step-by-step guided journal of lists and prompts will help you get the most from your own transformative, reflective, restorative retreat.

Retreats can be truly life-changing, transformative experiences. This journal exists with one purpose: to offer guidance and support that will inspire you to create the time and space needed for a personal retreat and to make the most of this healing experience.

Taking a retreat can be as simple as logging off from the world to just BE. You don't need to take an indulgent beach vacation or join a yoga program on a mountaintop to make space in your life for calm and reflection—you can simply spend a restorative weekend at home just for you if that is what feels right. It’s a unique experience of embracing stillness and offers the space to reconnect and reflect, often leading to incredible moments of self-discovery and awareness that make a retreat a retreat.

This journal makes planning your time a breeze and self-reflection approachable with the help of guided prompts, to-do lists, and reflections. It will also help you stay accountable to act on what you’ve discovered during your sacred time of rest and reflection.