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Natural Witch

Ouija Heart Planchette Mini Candle Holder

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Contact the other side with this Ouija Heart Planchette Mini Candle Holder, made for Witches and Wicca's! 

Inspired by a spirit board design, this Ouija Heart Planchette candle holder is perfectly sized for holding a single spell candle whilst it burns during casting. Adds that little bit of extra witchiness to your witchy home or altar.

Made of recycled wood cause creepy tree lives matter!

Ouija Board Candle Holder. Shaped Like a Planchette! 3D Design. White + Black. Small Size. Candle Not Included. MDF Construction. Made of Recycled Wood! 

SIZE: Height 1.5cm, Width 4.5cm, Depth 5.5cm
Note: Does not fit a regular altar candle - Fits Magic Spell Candles, Spell Candles