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Natural Witch

Evil Eye Bead Pendant

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Evil Eye decorative items are used to guard individuals, homes and/orĀ businesses against financial losses or poor business dealings. The concept of the "evil" or envious eye is recognized by many cultures and religions, including Turkish, Greek, Italian, Indian, Mexican as well.

Where to hang Nazar evil eye amulets? If you want to protect your home or office, you should hang an evil eye bead amulet near the entrance so that all visitors can see it. The evil eye is a curse believed to be cast by a malevolent glare, which is usually directed towards a person who is unaware. Many cultures believe that receiving the evil eye will cause one misfortune, bad luck, or injury. Talismans created to protect against the evil eye are also frequently called "evil eyes".

Materials: Resin and cord tie. Size: 3cm x 3cm Cord: 5cm - 9cm