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Natural Witch

Blue Moonstone Dream Catcher Necklace

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Moonstone is translucent and comes in colours of white and grey but also orange, green, blue, pink, brown and rainbow. The meaning of Moonstone is feminine energy and new beginnings.

Moonstone is good for activating your creative and intuitive power of feminine energy which helps you get in tune with your true emotions. It can help balance and cool down your emotions and tension. The tranquil energy of the moonstone invites creativity, restoration, and motherly protection.

The dream catcher is one of the most enduring and widespread symbols associated with Native American culture. It's commonly believed that the iconic hoop-and-web form is meant to protect sleepers from bad dreams by “catching” them, while letting good dreams pass through, hence the name.

Materials: Zinc Alloy with Gold Plate, Zircon & Blue Moonstone