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Ritual Oils

Blue Lotus Flower - 10g

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Herbal Blue Lotus Flower - To be used for drinking a Tea, Steaming or Smoking.

Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) is one special flower, also sometimes named 'Egyptian Lotus, Sacred water lotus, Blue Lotus Lotus, Sacred Lotus, Sacred Water Lily' - has a long history in Egypt as a natural mood enhancer. Of such importance was this flower, that within the tomb of Tutankhamun Blue Lotus was found as an important part of his transition to the afterlife.

The relaxation effects of Blue Lotus are legendary and is highly recommended prior to sleep thanks to aporphine, nuciferine and natural alkaloids contained within.

Also historically placed in white wine overnight and used as an aphrodisiac. Our Blue Lotus flower is pesticide-free, non addictive, and safe in small to moderate amounts.

Aphrodisiac : Blue Lotus was used in ancient Egypt to help promote sex drive. Because of this, the blue lotus was extensively used as a party or recreational substance by the early Egyptians. The alkaloids found in flower also improves the fertility levels in both men and women. It also checks the problem of premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction in men and promotes a better sex life.

Relieves stress : Blue Lotus has been found to provide relief from different kinds of stress and anxiety. Users have reported that a cup of blue lotus tea makes them less anxious and gives them restful sleep.

Natural analgesic: Nymphaea Caerulea has been found to have pain-relieving properties that relieve moderate pain and muscle stress in the body.

In ancient times, the Egyptians used it as a pain reliever to assist various ailments. Sipping a cup of blue lotus tea after a tiring day has been shown to help ease strained joints or muscles and relax the body.

Anti-diabetic Properties : Studies have shown that an alkaloid named nuciferine found in the blue lotus helps to regulate insulin secretion. Along with this, it also lowers the probability of cardiovascular diseases by reducing cholesterol levels in the body. But this plant should not be consumed if the person takes anti-diabetes medication such as insulin or else the blood sugar levels may go down to a dangerous level.

It should not be taken during pregnancy or if you have certain allergies. If you are on other medications, then it should be consumed only after a consultation with your medical professional.

Instructions For Tea: Brew 1-3 flowers in a pot of water until boiling and simmer for 3 mins on low heat once reaching boiling point. Or simply add boiling hot water to teapot/large cup and steep Blue Lotus flowers inside. Drink the full cup and top up again with boiling water 2-3 times. One flower typically makes 2- 3 cups of tea.

Instructions For Smoke: Crush up 3 soft petals and add to Labradorite Magic Pipe or sprinkle over rolling papers. Works great on its own or mixed with other herbs.

Please note! This flower is very difficult to transport 'whole and intact' so will most likely not be in whole form upon arrival.