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Crystal Warriors

Aura Warrior Childrens Bracelet - Rainbow Moonstone, Citrine, Aquamarine, Labradorite & Smokey Quartz

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AURA WARRIOR Junior Bracelet by Crystal Warriors By Zizou.

This is truly a beautiful Gift set for any boy & girl. A real Guardian Angel. With its nurturing & protective powers, Aura Warrior maintains & brings emotional calmness surrounding you with a safe, comforting & loving aura. It assists in emotional balance, Releasing stress, anxiety, negative traits, depression, fear & phobias. A lovely companion for your child as they grow, especially in times of need.

Gemstones used: Aquamarine - Smokey Quartz - Citrine Rainbow Moonstone - Labradorite.

Made using quality gemstone chips & rounded gem beads.

Each gemstone has been carefully selected to combine each of their unique forces to create powerful results to assist & love our beautiful children through their big adventure called life. Included is a sweet affirmation on the back of the Necklace & Bracelet holder that your child can display near their place of rest. I am Kind - I am Brave - I am Loved & I am Me Bracelet

Size: 14 cm - made using strong elastic string to accommodate various size adjustment. The chips have soft rounded edges for comfort.

Safety: As this Bracelet is made using small pieces of gemstones, supervision is recommended. Remember to remove any jewellery from children when they fall asleep or when unsupervised, and place out of reach close to the area of rest. How to care for your bracelet. Here are a few tips on how you can show your child to care for their special Crystal Warrior Bracelet. Roll your bracelet on and off the hand. DO THE EMU HAND!!! To avoid stretching your new companion, It is best for you to roll it onto your hand. I like to tell my children to do the emu hand and with that children can easily slide on the bracelet.