What is the Difference Between the Mind & the Soul?

What is the Difference Between the Mind & the Soul?

What is a Soul?

The soul is the undying, immaterial essence of a person that is contained within, but not restricted to, a body. The soul is the subconscious birthing center for the personality and energy we manifest in the physical world. Your soul knows your true purpose - what you were incarnated on Earth to learn over your lifetime. Your soul is where the drive that urges you to seek out the truth comes from and the place where we grow from the physical experiences we have in the world.

What is Energy? Why Does It Matter to My Daily Life?

Energy, an invisible and powerful force living in you and around you, affecting you on a daily basis. Your thoughts create emotions that either cleanse and strengthen your energy or pollute and weaken it. We refer to this dichotomy as being either high vibration or low vibration. Positive emotions like love, compassion, kindness, and joy allows you to feel energized and creative, while low vibration emotions like anger, sadness, and jealousy make us feel tired and drained. At Daily Life, we make it a priority to help you clear negative energy in order to generate positive energy.

How to Use Energy & The Law of Attraction:

Emotional energy is constantly being generated by your body, influenced heavily by your thoughts and experiences and the health of your mind and body. Energy is the language of the Universe, and we can learn to use it to communicate with the world around us. When you have a negative experience, the vibration of your energy weakens, and over time, this can result in blockages preventing proper energy flow in your body. Getting your energy to flow again requires an understanding of the body’s chakra system, the way energy affects humans, and how to release negative energy.
The Universe operates according to certain laws which have been studied for centuries by mystics and sages. Our thoughts move on wavelengths faster than sound or light. When you keep your energy vibration high and positive, the Law of Attraction, which states that “like attracts like,” begins to work in our favour. That means that the energetic frequency you emit will attract similar energy back to you. At Daily Life, we believe it’s never too late to learn how to use the Law of Attraction to your advantage.

Why is Daily Inspiration & Motivation So Important?

When you’re inspired, you expand your consciousness and heighten your sensory awareness. Staying inspired and motivated are crucial to your daily life - it’s so easy now more than ever to get caught up in material distractions that weaken your connection with your Soul. Finding your unique inspirations keeps you motivated and focused on your goals.
Here on Daily Life, we have daily inspiration to keep you connected to your inner fire so you can expand your potential for happiness and fulfilment.

Prioritizing Healing & Self-Care in Your Daily Life

Healing and growing from the negative experience and trauma you have experienced in your life is ongoing Soul-level work. In order to harness your full potential, confronting and healing your wounds, both old and new, is essential. In order to heal and to grow, you must learn to cleanse your own energy to make room for higher, healthier energies and new opportunities.
At Daily Life, we believe that self-care and healing are crucial stepping stones to achieving empowerment and happiness. We understand what it’s like to struggle. We want to meet you where you’re at on your journey so we can walk with you, every step of the way.

How to Strengthen Your Relationships, One Day At a Time

In order for your soul to develop, you need to interact with others. Humans are naturally social; we all need relationships in order to thrive. Science has shown that the immune system and our overall health are directly affected by the many relationships we have in our lives. No human is designed to go through life alone.
Your relationships offer you constant feedback, allowing you to take responsibility for and improve yourself. The people you love and who love you back are not to be taken for granted. Isolation is becoming more common in this technology age of screens and endless distractions. You’ll find your personal development is challenged in relationships, but they also offer you the greatest areas for growth.
At Daily Life, we offer simple but effective tools and strategies anyone can use to strengthen any type of relationship with any type of person.
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