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Natural Witch

Moldavite Oil with a Moldavite specimen

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Moldavite is a stone of intense frequency & high vibration. This stone is not for everyone, be sure to be level headed and deeply grounded before working with it. 

Moldavite can accelerate spiritual ascension and enhance inner journeying, higher consciousness, expansion, deep growth, transformation & higher realm connection. 

It is scented by Moldavite natural fragrances blend & it is good for meditation or relaxation.

These rare and unique stones can only be found in the Czech Republic. Moldavite is classified as a tektite. Tektites are glass stones created by the impact of large meteorites on Earth’s surface.

Included is 1x10ml jar of Moldavite infused oil with a small Moldavite specimen.

How to use your Moldavite Oil 

- Use on candles or spells

Dilute 1-2 drops into a relaxing bath

- Hold the bottle while you meditate 

- Keep the oil in your pocket or bag 

- Dilute 1-2 drops with fractionated coconut oil and use as massage oil.

Try to keep your Moldavite on or next to Selenite while you’re not using it, this will keep it cleansed & recharged.