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Em Kay Hooloway

Doodle Tarot - Large or Mini

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This deck is awesome, very funky, cool pictures and helps with understanding the cards if you're a newbie. 

Doodle Tarot is a concept created by Em Kay Holloway. Back in 2018, Em started working with tarot discovered how difficult it was to remember all of the meanings associated with the cards, and how intimidating some of the artwork was. Tarot is supposed to be about following your intuition, but it’s easy to get lost in everyone else interpretations. Especially when those interpretations aren’t clear.

And that is how Doodle Tarot was born! This deck was created and inspired to help new Tarot readers, young and old, that have never read or have difficulty reading other decks, like the famous Rider-Smith deck. In this deck, we take that famous art and break it down into simplistic, arbitrary drawings of stick figures. We pay homage to those doodles that you drew in grade school, complete with college-ruled paper background, to allow the feeling of nostalgia to come into play and give comfort to the reader. 

From these simple, colourful, drawings, and with over-exaggerated expressions of the well known "stick-figure", it brings ease and understanding to each card that is sometimes lost on a beginner. With the deck heavily influenced by Rider-Smith, this also allows readers to translate other decks in the future.

We also make it easier by adding easy to read key words at the bottom of each card in order to help you learn the premise and base of the card. I've even made the reversed keywords UPSIDE DOWN in order to be able to read them when they are reversed! 

Two sizes available.