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Crystal Candles

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Crystal & Fragrance

The crystals add so much to the feeling also, allowing us to open our blocked chakras and to truly let the emotions flow. We want our candles to bring you light, to be able to support you in times of need, stress and also happiness.

Amethyst - CALM Soy Candle Lavender Vanilla. Amethyst is a protective stone that helps to relieve stress and anxiety in your life, and the symptoms that accompany it, namely headaches, fatigues, and anxiety.

Black Obsidian - PROTECTION Soy Candle Moroccan Amber & Patchouli. Black obsidian is often associated with mystery and has a very strong ability to absorb. For this reason it is used often in Feng Shui, spiritual connection and protection. It is also known as a spiritual cleanser because of its ability to absorb psychic smog and help to see things more clearly.

Citrine - ABUNDANCE Soy Candle Eucalyptus & Lime. Citrine tends to have a hexagonal crystal system and in its natural form has a cloudy or smoky look. The meaning of Citrine is focused on prosperity, joy, and energy. Take a look at our essential guide to healing gemstones and find a crystal that captures you.

Clear Quartz - DIVINE Soy Candle Jasmine. Clear quartz has the ability to enhance mental clarity, so it can help with emotional stability, and it is popular in meditation and restorative work. It's also often used for manifestation and can help create more focus and clarity around a desire. It is a protective stone and can be used to amplify psychic abilities.

Fluorite - POSITIVITY Soy Candle Silver Mountain. Fluorite is a stone known for clarity and mental enhancement. Its ability to assist the clearing of negative energy and aiding in decision-making has made this a favourable stone to work with. This powerful crystal is known as an absorber of negative energy, specifically within one's aura and mind.

Green Aventurine - OPPORTUNITY Soy Candle Muguet & Sea Salt. Green aventurine is a crystal for grounding and stability. If you have a tendency to overthink or ruminate over situations and get stuck in your mind, green aventurine will help bring you back to your physical body and your connection to the Earth.

Lapis Lazuli - CONFIDENCE Soy Candle Ocean Breeze. The Sumerians believed that the spirit of their gods lived within the stone, while the ancient Egyptians saw it as a symbol of the night sky. Since the earliest of times, Lapis Lazuli has been associated with strength and courage, royalty and wisdom, intellect and truth.

Red Jasper - PASSION Soy Candle Agar Wood. Red Jasper is a great stone for grounding, focus, and strength. It is known to be a stone of endurance and nurturing meaning that it can grant you the motivation and energy you need to get something done. As a grounding gem, Red Jasper also brings balance to both your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Rose Quartz - LOVE Soy Candle Pink Champaign. Rose quartz is known as the crystal of unconditional love. It's said to boost feelings of self-love and foster loving relationships with others. Smoky quartz is considered a grounding stone and may help you feel rooted to planet earth. It's believed to be mood lifting and is used for protection.

Tiger Eye - STRENGHT Soy Candle Ginger Lemon. Tigers Eye is a protective stone. Traditionally this gemstone was carried as an amulet to ward off evil. It is known for protecting against negative energies and as it is also a grounding stone, it can help to clear the root chakra so that you can feel more safe and secure in this world.

Size: 10cm 200gm